Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dragon Con After Dark Panel

Dragon Con, Atlanta, GA. September 2-6, 2010:  So we were asked to take part in a podcast/panel about “Con parties & Con Kink”. The panelists included Victoria Taylor, who is in the upcoming Dead by Friday movie. It started out like a normal podcast and then took a bad left turn into the ditch. All thanks to Tigger, Bryan, and Spider. The full audio is on Certified Sound's site. You can see photos and more dragon con on our website

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

SWC5: The days went from the high expectations we had about the show being a flood of cash from collectors to a sprinkle of change from bottom feeders.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pre-Star Wars Celebration V set up

Want the full scoop on Star Wars Celebration V from some guys who will be directly on the front lines? We will experience the FULL SWC5, not only from a fan/general attendee, but we will also be exhibitors managing a full line Star Wars merchandise booth. We are hoping that our glass shelving holds and doesn’t collapse like Death Star shrapnel. Other than Intergalatic warehouse and mail order, we are the only Florida based store set up that I know of and we ARE in the Front, booth #103. We have prepared a full selection of Star Wars Collectibles from 1977 up to present release. Not only will we have a booth full of stuff as high as seven feet on glass shelving, we have two guests that will be appearing in our tiny ass little 10x10 booth. Cris Macht, the director/producer of “the Force Among Us” film documentary about the Star Wars Movies and the fans who keep the Force alive will be meeting fans and signing copies of his movie. Also, Ana Aesthetic, fashion model and independent Star Wars costume designer will be posing for photos and signing. If nothing else, you should come see the wonder of our excellent design skills for shoe-horning all this into this one space. Our original plan was actually to build a second level out of 4x4s and 3/4inch plywood but the height limitations are 8feet, dammit. Check out some of our pre-set up photos on our website Also, we just sent out our press release. Here is the link: Help CMI toys for SWC5 by visiting the link today. Please forward.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our Exhibitor info for Star Wars Celebration 5

CMI Toys and Collectibles with DB94 Comics have been selling all categories of Toys, Comics, and Collectibles since 1986. Our convention selection includes VINTAGE loose and packaged Star Wars Action Figures, Toys, Cards, Posters, & Collectibles. NEWER toys include Clone Wars, POF2, Force Unleashed, 30th Anniversary, Legacy, and Expanded Universe. ALSO, Foreign Toys, and Store Exclusives. Sign up for our Toy Talk Blog. Meet CMI Toys GUEST Ana Aesthetic: Model, Costume Designer & Cosplay Artist. Check our website for updates. We will have an exclusive sticker to give away also; 50 on Thu,Fri,Sun and 100 Sat. Image is on the website.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Initial Toy Talk

We will have webisodes up on you tube soon. In the mean time keep up with what is going on from cmitoys twitter or We will be at star wars celebration V in orlando, FL.